OPPOSE AB 450, AB 1664, AB 1673, AB 1674, AB 1695, and AB 2607.

These are gun laws going before Governor Brown today. It makes me mad but there is nothing I can do to stop him from passing them. Liberals outnumber us and don’t care if we call, write or email them they will not listen, they laugh at us and do whatever they want anyway. I applaud the NRA  and other gun rights groups for fighting the above, but we are out numbered.

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California Gun Control Pundit

Gun control? Did we elect the politicians just to see how they can change the 2nd amendment in California. I don’t think so. But month after month that is what seems to be their ultimate agenda, then what?  Power., yep that is what they want, Power over us. Do you really think they even care about our safety? So why should we care about theirs? Yep, Fight Back. How? overload them with calls and mail, start impeaching them. Or at least Recall them.

Here is a list of their latest Power grabs.

Isadore Hall, IIISB 880 (Hall) – SB 880 will serve as a reclassification of various weapons such as semiautomatic center-fire rifles or semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine to “assault weapons”, meaning that these weapons would now be illegal.

Keven de LeonSB 1235 (De Leon) – SB 1235 will require the California Department of Justice to keep a data-base on all ammunition transactions and require purchasers of ammo to undergo screening with each ammunition purchase.

Hannah-Beth acksonSB 894 (Jackson) – SB 894 will make it a crime if an individual gun owner does not report their gun stolen within 5 days of realizing that their weapon has gone missing. This legislation will also make it a crime to fail to report a recovered gun within 48 hours.

Lois WolkSB 1006 (Wolk) – SB 1006 would direct the University of California to use taxpayer funds for gun control research.

Keven de LeonSB 1407 (De Leon) – SB 1407 would require as of, July 1, 2018, that all newly manufactured weapons must have a serial number or unique identifier or the manufacturer or assembler will face consequences. This bill would also require as of, January 1, 2019, that all gun owners who own a weapon with out a unique identifier must apply to the California Department of Justice for a identifier for weapons dating back to 1899.

Loni HancockSB 1446 (Hancock) – SB 1446 would make it, as of, July 1, 2017, a crime to posses any high capacity magazine regardless of when the magazine was acquired. The first offense would be a fine not exceeding 100 dollars and with subsequent offenses, the punishment would rise.

Here is the guy who loves to sign them into law



California Sheriffs Attack Carry License Applicants in AB 1134 | Firearms Policy Coalition


California Sheriffs Attack Carry License Applicants in AB 1134 | Firearms Policy Coalition.

To the Sheriffs and legistators that are trying hard to make carrying a firearm, I don’t quite understand your reasoning. Now I have nothing but respect for law enforcement and it would be a sorry world without them. But like everyone else they need a little help. The Second Amendment gives them the help they need.

Let me give you something to think about.

Everyone of you have people you love, be they a child, wife, parents or someone else. Now suppose some of them go out to a mall, theater or anywhere people gather. And all at once a gunman steps up and starts shooting. He kills many including your loved ones. So you cannot talk to them or laugh with them again or feel them close again. So the police show up and start looking into why this happened, but this doesn’t help your loved ones. I call this After The Fact.

Now the other side.

Your love ones go to a gathering and a shooter shows up and starts shooting, he turns the gun in the direction of your loved ones and starts to pull the trigger. But this person with a CCW license steps up and pulls his gun and shoots the shooter. Your loved ones have been saved because of this one person.

Look around you and see how many loved ones your members have, the odds of this happening in not that far fetched. It could even be you. So you keep passing laws to prevent people from having a CCW permit. I don’t understand you.

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California Legistators

An open letter to all those who want to take our guns away
This is simple:

All of you have someone you love, a wife, child, parents, friends and the list goes on. And some of you love yourselves.
I will make this short and to the point.
If one of your loved ones were to go to place like a mall, movie theater, or any place where people gather and were enjoying themselves. And from no where a man pulls out a gun and starts shooting. And all at once he turns toward your loved ones and starts shooting, killing them.
Who is to blame, the shooter or people like you that wants to take all guns away from law abiding citizens. You just killed your loved ones.
When the shooter starts shooting, there is a concealed carry person there and he pulls his weapon and shoots the shooter, saving your loved ones.
This is a no brainer.
You say where were the cops, well I respect police, but I call them After The Fact, they are great at solving things, but not so great at stopping things like this. We need the people to be armed to protect themselves and others, including you. We need the melitia, which are the people.
So the next time you want to take our guns away, Stop and take a good look at your Loved ones, whats more important?


Nikki Haley backs bill to allow carrying guns without permits, training – BizPac Review

I agree mostly with Nikki Haley, except I believe that there should be gun safety classes, maybe in school. And I also believe young people  should spend at least 2 years in the military. They would learn respect for the other person and learn how to get along with other people. They would learn how to learn in whatever they want out of life.

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Nikki Haley backs bill to allow carrying guns without permits, training – BizPac Review.