We are being Invaded



I have tried to find who said it. But so far I have not been successful but around world war 2 it was either German or Russia who said: We will not take your country by force but will infiltrate your government, police, ect…………) then a few years later a movie was made showing young men trained to speak perfect English and each was schooled in a different occupation. Then they would be sent to America to infiltrate the system. They were schooled in planning the over throw of the USA.
Now I know this sounds far fetched, but have you looked at our government and seen how many muslins have been elected into office and every  year more and more muslins are campaigning for office. And they get elected’
Wake up people, we are silently being invade!!!
Then we have the Liberals who are trying to ruin our country for Power and Money.

Today I found this in USA 24 http://www.usatwentyfour.com/muslims-take-u-s-town-immediately-begin-implementing-sharia-law/
My Thoughts

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