What would be a good subject for my blog today, while setting here trying to decide my mind wanders all over the place and cannot seem to settle onto a single subject, so what do I do?
So I decided to go over some of the things on my mind today.
1. My wife and I need to lose some weight but not sure whether we would like to go no carbs, low fat or calorie counting. We have tried most of them to no avail. So what do we do?
2. I have a GreatCall phone and my wife has an older iPhone. I have ordered a senior phone from Freedompop, so I am not sure whether to get rid of the GreatCall phone or the iPhone. Either way I will save money.
3. Everyone has a bucket list, well one of mine it to go to Bishop Ca where I was born and haven’t been to in years. I would like to reaquaint myself with the wonders of Bishop. Mt Tom is magnificient and the mountain lakes are beautiful. Makes me homesick thinking about it.

4. I am an avid 2nd amendment supporter, I read the latest articles on Facebook, emails and gun sites. California is one of the most anti-gun states in the union with state politicians sending one bill after another to the governor to sign, which he probably will. These are the things gun owners have to battle everyday om California.
Well these are some of the things I have been thinking about

My Thoughts

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