Blogging 101

Blogging 101 – MY Story

In my younger days my Dad had a wandering soul. While growing up I don’t think we lived in one place more than
three years. My school years were from one school to another. I did get to spend the last three years of High School
in my home town of Bishop California and graduated in 1957.
I got married in 1964 and am still married to the same woman 51 years later and still in good health. We traveled a
lot for work in different places, I have had several jobs, but the ones that stand out for me are, a carpet cleaning
business I had in Sacramento Ca in which I met a lot of interesting people. The second is in La Canada Ca I worked at
The Sport Chalet which I really enjoyed. One of the other job was outside of Reno Nv, it was called Titanium West and I
worked my way up to melter. Another job I enjoyed. Soda Springs Id I worked in a mine. That was where I learned what it
was like to be cold. But I learned a lot and enjoyed the mining business and from there we moved to Elko, NV where I worked
in a Gold Mine as a driller.
I retired and moved to Paso Robles Ca and live in a senior apartments.
I now have a lot of time so I have played around with blogs, never got any traffic but enjoyed doing them. I
never really knew what I was doing and I seen the Blogging 101 class and decided to go for it. Here I hope to learn the
right way to blog

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