Why they are getting away with crimes


These are My Thoughts, I have no way to see if they are true or not.

If you have a child, and from the beginning you let the child get away with what ever it wants, by the time they are a teenager they will be uncontrollable. Now every child is not dumb, they know how much they can push and every time they push it will be a little harder. Now whose fault is it, They way I look at it is both the parent and child. The child wants to control the parent and the parent doesn’t want to be bothered. So chaos.
This brings me to Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. They have both been pushing since long before being politicians and have been getting away with it, therefore the egos are larger than can be imagined. But the pushing is to the point of breaking the law and to some extent outright Treason.
So who is to blame? The way I see it is the Lawmakers, like congress , The Judicial Branch and of course Hillary and Obama who know what they are doing and laughing at the rest of us,
To my way of thinking they are just as guilty as Hillary and Obama for sitting back and letting them get away with all they do. It makes me ashamed to be a citizen under these people. It actually makes them an accessory to the crimes. Lets prosecute them all and start over.
My Thoughts

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