Lets Say What We Want To


I know that people don’t like how Donald Trump says what he wants to say. I say too bad!

I am so tired of people who get their feelings hurt, or so they say. I believe they want
to be recognized or they are trying to control us. Its pathetic how we have to go around
with a gag in our mouths.

All the races can say what they want about us, but by God don’t say anything about them. They will cry, sue or whatever, its pathetic. And the hell of it is, we let them get away with it. Is anyone as tired of it as I am. Why can’t we stand up and fight for our rights.

I would like to send all ACLU lawyers a one way ticket to any socialist or communist country of their choosing. Let them see what they have created in our country. This includes all politically correct judges or gov official. Lets clean up our country.
I haven’t made up mind on who should be President, but I do support freedom of speech.

My Thoughts

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