Tv Watching

Every month I cringe when I get my cable bill, I pretty well live on a fixed income and TV is my main entertainment. So my wife and I tried to figure out how to cut the bill.

Well for some time I have had a Roku player which streams over the internet. I get almost anything I get on with regular Tv. So we decided to get rid of cable TV (kept the internet service) and immediately cut our bill in half. We then went out and bought an indoor antenna. We hooked it up and seen that we could get NBC, ABC, CW networks in full HD. In most areas you should probably get CBS but it is not in this area No Problem, I can get the latest episodes on Roku. Got to admit, my wife does miss the local news and weather, but we do get it over the indoor antenna.

For a small fee you can add Playon to Roku and expand what you get. It is a one time fee, can’t beat that.

I am no way getting paid to post this. I am just sharing my Thoughts. But I believe it is well worth it.  While writing this I am listening to Surrus/XM Radio through roku.

The best thing I like about it is it is a one time fee, except for Netflix and Hulu which are $7.95 a month each. If you want them. there are lots of other free movie channels. Well I will quit bragging.

My Thoughts

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