How they stand on issue’s

fusion_ben-carson_2 fusion_carly-fiorina

Ben’s Pocket 

 Carly’s Pocket

I don’t know just who I will vote for yet, but here is two who will run, well Ben Carson hasn’t jumped in yet, but I am sure he will.

On the issues here they differ to some extent, I will give a quick thought as to who I believe in.

1. GAY MARRIAGE: Here I lean more to Ben Carson’s belief. If two consenting adults want to live together, you and I don’t have the right to interfere, But in no way should it have ever been a political subject, its a personal life.

2. ABORTION: Here I go with both of them. Unless the woman’s life is at danger and they don’t want it, adopt it out.

3.IMMIGRATION: Here I lean more to Ben Carson, A national guest program is good, but people who use immigrants could also say how many they need to get the job done.

4. NET NEUTRALITY: I agree with both. Tell the Gov to leave the Net alone.

5 GLOBAL WARMING: Ben has it again, I personally do not believe in global warming as the government tries to have us think. Our planet warms up and cools down as it has for million of years. Modern man hasn’t been here long enough to change that.

6. MINIMUM WAGE: Wall-Mart, McDonalds and many other services is a starting place for the unlearned and disabled workers to start to learn how to work with the public and make money. Giving the unlearned a high wage not only hurts them but is a big weight on the economy. As they learn and get raises  and move to a better job is a great way to start life.

7. Cuba: I am like Ben on this one, I really don’t have an opinion on this yet.

Now these are My Thoughts on them, yours might be different, that’s what makes us individuals.

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