California Sheriffs Attack Carry License Applicants in AB 1134 | Firearms Policy Coalition


California Sheriffs Attack Carry License Applicants in AB 1134 | Firearms Policy Coalition.

To the Sheriffs and legistators that are trying hard to make carrying a firearm, I don’t quite understand your reasoning. Now I have nothing but respect for law enforcement and it would be a sorry world without them. But like everyone else they need a little help. The Second Amendment gives them the help they need.

Let me give you something to think about.

Everyone of you have people you love, be they a child, wife, parents or someone else. Now suppose some of them go out to a mall, theater or anywhere people gather. And all at once a gunman steps up and starts shooting. He kills many including your loved ones. So you cannot talk to them or laugh with them again or feel them close again. So the police show up and start looking into why this happened, but this doesn’t help your loved ones. I call this After The Fact.

Now the other side.

Your love ones go to a gathering and a shooter shows up and starts shooting, he turns the gun in the direction of your loved ones and starts to pull the trigger. But this person with a CCW license steps up and pulls his gun and shoots the shooter. Your loved ones have been saved because of this one person.

Look around you and see how many loved ones your members have, the odds of this happening in not that far fetched. It could even be you. So you keep passing laws to prevent people from having a CCW permit. I don’t understand you.

My Thoughts

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