Who will actually do something?


Today I read that we need to get rid of Obama.

Ted Gowdy is investigating Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton has lost e-mails.

IRS has screwed up again.

And it goes on and on, I remember when gas prices started going up and they had a committee to find out why, did it accomplish any thing, No,

They had Hillary in a committee questioning her about Benghazi, did it accomplish anything. NO.

Over the years there has been one committee after another questioning people over different things they supposedly done. and to my knowledge nothing has been accomplished. Except waste their and our money. Investigating in our government from the Attorney General is almost non existent. Politicians and big business seem to be immune from prosecution

I was hoping we would see more from the Republican party, but they seem to have fallen into the groove that existed before elections. I realize the new ones have only been in for a couple months, but I would like to see some backbone out of them sometime soon.

I realize if we get rid of Obama we will end up with Biden. But if Congress had any guts they could stop Obama from his illegal politics.

We the people actually control congress, but we don’t do it, now they think they can do whatever they want.

A few years ago I wrote that for every person we sent to represent us that we should evaluate them every six months, and it they aren’t representing us we should either give them a reminder why they are there or if they keep it up we will replace them.

My Thoughts

4 thoughts on “Who will actually do something?

  1. “I was hoping we would see more from the Republican party, but they seem to have fallen into the groove that existed before elections.”

    It has been my observation for the last two decades or so that when Republicans actually get some real power in Congress the leadership wets its pants at the thought of actually using it. Most of these old political retreads in the Republican Party (Boehner, McConnell, etc) are far more comfortable in the role of the “opposition party” where they can talk a lot, but are not required to actually do anything.

    They are absolutely afraid of actually trying to do what they talk about. The “talk” is only to get votes so they can get re-elected and go back to talking about what they would do if they could. Talk unfortunately is not cheap for us if you think about it. 🙂

    Term limits is what we really need. Don’t let people stay in Congress long enough to get used to it.

      1. Absolutely agreed, Congress will never impose term limits on themselves. I empathize with your “we are screwed” sentiment but still have some hope. Think maybe Americans, like a puppy that is being potty trained, needs to have its nose rubbed in its own shit. Think that may be happening as we speak.

        There might be some hope, but won’t over-emphasize it, in something like a Constitutional Convention where the people/states may impose their will on Congress and implement terms limits among other things. Know it still looks like a long shot, but we’re getting to the point of needing something that most think not possible. 🙂

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