California Legistators

An open letter to all those who want to take our guns away
This is simple:

All of you have someone you love, a wife, child, parents, friends and the list goes on. And some of you love yourselves.
I will make this short and to the point.
If one of your loved ones were to go to place like a mall, movie theater, or any place where people gather and were enjoying themselves. And from no where a man pulls out a gun and starts shooting. And all at once he turns toward your loved ones and starts shooting, killing them.
Who is to blame, the shooter or people like you that wants to take all guns away from law abiding citizens. You just killed your loved ones.
When the shooter starts shooting, there is a concealed carry person there and he pulls his weapon and shoots the shooter, saving your loved ones.
This is a no brainer.
You say where were the cops, well I respect police, but I call them After The Fact, they are great at solving things, but not so great at stopping things like this. We need the people to be armed to protect themselves and others, including you. We need the melitia, which are the people.
So the next time you want to take our guns away, Stop and take a good look at your Loved ones, whats more important?


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