Its Time


I remember back in the sixties, my wife and I went to Height Ashbury in San Francisco. It was like going to a different world, you could see the brightly clothed hippies smoking pot and whatever was available. LSD was popular and you talk about zombies. Some of the kids were so out of it that I thought they were dead. We walked down the sidewalk watching them and thinking what a shame. My wife started saying (look, look,) and crossing the street was a man approximately six feet tall wearing high heel shoes, a mini skirt and fake braw. I started laughing at my wife so hard I had a hard time standing, it was the first homosexial she had ever seen.
A few years later we went to Jackson Hole Wyoming on the fourth of july. They held it at a park, so we found a spot and settled in to watch the fireworks. My wife asked if I smelled something funny? I looked around and about four feet above us was a marijuana cloud. I seen a police officer but he was ignoring it. The fireworks were great, but I think I was about half high when we left.
This generation is what I believe the start of the ruin of our society today. Teenagers stopped listening to their parents and adopted the drug and free sex society. And when they grew up and had children they passed their beliefs to their children, and so on. They started the save the world agenda and ended up driving prices so high you almost have to be a millionaire to live everyday life you lived before. The ACLU stepped in and fought for every crazy thing that generation wanted and politically correct judges passed it into law without us having a word.

Now I know this is all in the past and it is up to this generation to start getting back some of what we lost before it is gone forever. I have a couple things that I believe would help start.
1. We have elections coming up, I believe that we should really look at what we want and what candidate will fight for it and I believe every state should have a policy where we will review every candidate every six months or sooner to see if they are doing what we elected them for and if not we should tell them to straighten up or recall them.
2. I believe like Israel and other countries that when our children graduate they should spend at least two years in the military. They would learn the meaning of respect and how to get along with authority.

My Thoughts

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