A strange thing happened to me, I was talking to my insurance company and they had to check on something and said they would call back in about 20 minutes. Well two hours later and I hadn’t heard from them so on a whim I checked my phone and it was out.

About the same time my internet went out. I called (using my cellphone)  Charter Communications and asked what the problem was. after looking around they said they had an order from Verizon for my phone number. They said it was transferred to my charter account and someone said to send it to Verizon No one in this house made such a request, and to be more bizarre, I never had a Verizon land line So the number I did have was ATT but that was never mentioned. . So my house phone was cut off.

The internet problem was something else, after talking to three people at charter they decided to send out a repairman. He showed up and after talking to them said when my phone was cut off so was the internet. So he took the modem and put in an internet modem only and now my internet is good.

So now instead of trying to get a phone from any of the carriers I think I am going to order OOMA, it is an internet phone and from what people say, it is great and the best part is it is only about $3.00 a month after buying the equipment. I will be able to pay off the equipment fast since I no longer have a phone bill.

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