Last Ounce of Courage

I have Roku connected to my tv and can watch most anything I want. Today I was a little bored and thought I would watch a movie so I opened up Roku and then  Netflix and looked at a lot of movies trying to find something interesting.

Then I found the movie called Last Ounce of Courage. I had heard of it but never watched it, so I thought I would give it a try, Boy what a movie, a little religious, a christmas time movie and a lot about our rights as Americans. Or mabye I should say how out rights are being chipped away a little at a time over years. We are losing our rights.

If you want to watch a great movie you can’t miss on this one. I guarantee there will be tears in your eyes at the end. Who knows? Maybe it will motivate you to fight.

My Thoughts

last ounce

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