Senator Stupid


Everywhere I read it says someone is trying to take our guns away from us. The use of the school/Mall shootings to support their agenda. Let me lay out a scenario of one thing that could happen.

Senator Stupid is 43 and has a lovely family who he loves dearly. Senator Stupid is an avid anti-gun proponent and does all he can to take our guns.

Senator Stupid is sitting at his desk when the phone rings, his wife is on the phone and tells him that she and his Daughters are going shopping and may be home a little late.

His Daughters are 12 and 14 and lovely girls if not a little mischievous. They go to the mall are walking to a store where the girls want to buy some cloths. They are chatting and laughing and having a great time.

There is a noise they can’t quite identify, then they see this man with a hoodie and a gun. Before they can run the shooter turns the gun their way and starts shooting. In the blink of an eye Mrs Stupid and the Daughters are dead.

But WAIT! when the gunman first starts shooting a man in the Mall has a concealed weapon and without thinking he pulls his gun and shoots the gunman. Mrs Stupid and Daughters are safe because of the man carrying the gun.

If Senator Stupid and his supporters had their way the man carrying the concealed weapon would not have had a gun and in essence The Senator Killed his own family just for an agenda.

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