Stop the Liberals

I have lived out of California for about 30 years, have always wanted to move back. I always called California Home. Well two years ago I got my wish and moved to the central coast. I lived in Northern Nevada for a long time and love the desert, but all the greenness here is real nice. The first thing I noticed was you can’t get off the road, all property is owned by someone. I loved going out in the desert and shooting.
    The first thing I did was apply for a concealed permit. Needless to say, I didn’t get it. I didn’t know they were so restrictive here. I grew up in Bishop and when I was young you could carry on your hip and no one would say anything. Well so much for freedom.

    On January 1st 2014 gun laws came into effect,-january-1.aspx. They are so crazy I am surprised the people let them do it. When growing up I never thought much about Liberals. Wish I had because they are ruining California and the nation. It is hard at the polling stations, because they have so many people that don’t understand who or what they are.

    Colorado had the right idea about recalling government officials that are harming our way of life. I don’t see why we can’t do that in California. We have set on our duff long enough.

    My Thoughts


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