Young Adults

I was listening to some young adults discussing politics, which included the upcoming elections, immigration and gun control. It was a lively discussion and some different opinions were coming out that surprised me.


Later at home I was thinking about what I heard and it got me thinking about the different ways young adults come to the conclusions they do.


When growing up their lives are somewhat formed by their parents and friends at the time. Then they go to school and are around different people with different ideas and some not so different. Some ideas are exciting but not so great, and some make sense and some don’t and they start to form their own ideas.


So what would you tell a young adult? I got thinking about this too and came up with a few ideas of my own. Right or wrong, they are my ideas.


I think the first thing I would tell them, is they are right, just because someone else thinks different than you, you are right. But on the other hand they are right in their thinking too. Sounds a little confusing doesn’t it. Let me explain.


There are a lot of different young adults that are leaders, followers and independent thinkers.  There are also a lot of impressionable young adults that do not think for them selves. They think that just because someone they admire says something that it is right, and they find themselves going down the wrong path.


Now whether it is a rally or schoolroom, listen, no matter what they are trying to get you to believe, listen, there will be some truth coming out of it. When you are alone go over what you heard and using what you believe and what your morals are, you will find some useful information. You are living in a hard time so see how things being said will affect you in the future. Use your head.


Election year is coming up for congress and senate. You will hear a lot of things like religion, gun control, immigration and a lot of other things. Now every young adult that will vote will have an opinion, remember they are right, but so is the opposing side so again listen and study and see how it will affect you in the future.


There is no right or wrong way to think, it is just the end results.


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