Laws are getting more crazy everyday

I read the story where a boy forgot to take his tackle box out of his car and got arrested. .

Laws that lead to arresting an innocent boy and costing his family to get a lawyer is ridiculous. What ever happened to common sense, compassion loyalty. Why is it not where the principle takes the boy into his office and tells him to never do it again. If he does it could cost him a lot of grief.

In the small town where I grew up, if we got into trouble and got caught by the sheriff, he would take us home and set there and watched my Dad give me a whipping (spanking). Believe it, I never did it again. I was more embarrassed by the spanking  in front of the sheriff. No! Spanking did not change my personalty like they like to have you believe.

These last few years have really made our once great nation a laughing stock around the world, and it is because of all the leadership we have, I have been reading the webpage

And I think we should swamp their site with support. And get rid of the do nothing congress.

I also think who we elect should be accountable and when a politician is elected from our state we should have a right to review his/her actions and if they are not working for our benefit  we have the right to recall them or give them a slap on the hand and do what we elected them for or get out of there.

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