A Dissapointed American


I have been watching the government shutdown on TV, and it makes me heartsick. I cannot for the life of me understand the thinking of the people we have elected to protect us.
They are worse than kids who fight just to be fighting and don’t care what they are fighting about. Who don’t care how their actions will affect others. Just so they can get their own way. that is beyond being spoiled, self centered idiots.
A few years ago I switched to the Republican Party because there was no Democratic Party that I used to love. Now Darn it, the Republican’s are just as bad, we really have no government party to keep the public safe. In their fighting they are ruining our great country. I don’t know where they found Obama. He is the most egotistical  person I have ever seen.
He has no concept of what to do, makes me wonder who is pulling his strings, it sure is not someone who wants America to survive the way it used to be.
Just My Thoughts

God Bless America


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