Congress protects everyone but the people

Congress protects everyone but the people
Where is congress when the state and federal governments are targeting gun owners, Where are they?
For the life of me, I cannot understand why we are being targeted. I know what they are saying, but it is just pure rhetoric. I know they are using the school shooting which makes me sick to my stomach to see them using the deaths of small children to forward their agenda. I know that they want to take our guns away so they can have power over us, we scare them.
And to use the old adage, guns don’t kill. People do. Damn, more people are killed every day in car accidents, floods, tornado’s than guns. I have never seen a gun jump up and fire at someone. Its all about Power.
If we can’t stop it and soon we have lost our Freedom. We will be wide open for and invasion from country’s who leave us alone because they say all Americans have guns.
In California they have several gun laws coming up in the senate this week, which will pretty well leave us without guns for protection, which the criminals will love. The stupid liberals will love it. It is part of their agenda.
The liberals are so brazen they will not listen to the NRA, NAGR, USCCA, USACARRY. Our Liberal President, Governors and Judges, are not on the side of gun owners. It is a hard fight.
If I come across as Mad, somewhat, but mostly Sad. I cannot believe what has happened in the last few years.
The Second Amendment is slowly going away.

Just my Thoughts

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