Tuesday night My wife and I went to our 10 year old grandsons baseball game.

The game started at 6:30 and as the game went on. it seemed like everyone was hitting. At the end of and inning it would be tied, Parents were jumping up and down as their team lead, the the other team would tie it up again. It went like this until 10pm. When they called the game tied up at 19 to 19.

They decided that Thursday there would be a one inning game and who ever won would be the winner in the playoff game. My grandsons team was up first and got two in making it 19 to 21 and after getting three out. The other team came up.

My gandson has only pitched 1 or 2 times the whole season and to my surprise they put him in to pitch.

He struck the first one out, then he walked the second one. The third batter hit to center field and was caught and the next batter hit a into the infield and was thrown to first and put the runner out. The game ended 19 to 21.

Needless to say, we were all yelling and jumping up and down, We were proud of our grandson and his team.

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