Skin Cancer

When i was a young man I spent a lot of time in the water, Where I grew up we had creeks, river and lakes. Well I was a redhead and light skin which is a gourmet for skin cancer. I never used protection, being young and a bit of know it all. Well here I am a lot older and am going to the Dermatologist about every three months.

They like to use nitrogen to freeze the spots that keep coming back. every three months I look like I have been in a chicken fight.

I got tired of going so I canceled my appointment and did not go back for several months. I started getting a spot on my temple that started burning, So decided maybe I better go back and have it checked out. Sure enough, it was cancer. The Dr cut it out and said he got all of the cancer, lucky me. So I guess the moral of this story is don’t fool around with spots on your body, get them checked out regularly. And protect your skin.

Just my thoughts

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